Fabulous Friday

January 24, 2014

click here for desktop download

This week has been such a fun one and my first week working for myself, talk about crazy and surreal and so exciting. I was able to snag a bite to eat with some blogging babes on Thursday and it's just what I needed enjoy the first week of my new journey. I have been so blessed to meet beautiful girls throughout this process and I'm excited to be planning lunches and dinner date more often than not now.

T H I S   W E E K

+ I'm so looking forward to getting my Whitney English planner in. I finally ordered last week so February shipment can't come soon enough.

+ I've hit the gym hard starting on Tuesday and in the three days, I've lost 2 pounds. Call me crazy and say it's water weight but it has me motivated to keep going!

+ Speaking of working out.... I finally popped into Lululemon on Monday which was a mistake; I want everything with their gorgeous spring colors. Particularly this & this!

+ I fell in love with this ASOS dress when Rach blogged it so naturally, I purchased and plan on wearing it for Easter with some chunky wedges-- these would totally work.

+ The kids didn't have school on Monday so I took Drake and Rylan (my cousin) to Butterfly Wonderland... talk about the most amazing place. I loved our time there!

Have a Fabulous Friday and blessed weekend, babes!


  1. Love this freebie! Thanks!! Also, I LOVE that dress Rach blogged about too, (and the pink maxi!)..I'm going to purchase it for my vacation in a couple months once they restock my size!


  2. Lululemon is dangerous. I was skeptical but just try on a pair of their pants and look at your butt. Amazingness will happen. Also, i am in love with my Whitney English planner. I switched from a different brand on Jan 1st and I'm so glad I did. Finally, did you get your Tarte foundation? I hope it worked. x

  3. Thank you for this beautiful desktop, downloading it now! Oh, and welcome to the slippery slope that is Lululemon ;) I received my first pair of pants as a gift a few years ago and was planning on returning them because I could never justify spending $80 on sweat pants, but once I tried them on there was no turning back.

  4. Oh man, now I want that dress too!


  5. What a pretty desktop. Hope all is well! My son has had two weeks off and starts back tomorrow. I am kind of dreading it and excited at the same time :/

  6. Okay, I kinda think I need that dress now too. Such a good steal for something SO beautiful. CONGRATS on working for yourself! That's such a big, scary step. Have a great weekend Aubrey! :)

  7. I am so envious of everyone with their Whitney English planners! I wanted to get one but when I checked they only had the ones that didn't pass quality control left :(.

  8. Hey Aubrey! I love all of your backgrounds! I had a quick question. Would you be able to tell me how I could display the backgrounds that I design for my blog as if it were displaying on a macbook like you've done above? I've googled so much and have found nothing. Thank you!