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We all know I've been going back and forth on product for dealing with my acne and I have to say, I'm still loving the Mario Badescu spot treatment! It's been amazing for those pesky little (...big) blemishes that don't want to go away so I've been slowly becoming more confident in my skin. As for a daily regimen, I've just started Proactiv+ and also am loving the results. It's given my face an overall scrub down so the skin is radiant and smooth, something I've never had with my acne scarring. I have found it's a touch drying so my normal Bare Minerals matte foundation isn't doing the trick for me anymore so I'm on the hunt for a new, more enriching foundation. I've pulled together my top picks and I am exclusively leaning towards the Bobbi Brown option because I've heard it's amazingly hydrating while maintaining great coverage, but I want your opinion!

Have you tried any of these or have another option in mind that might work for me? I'm all ears!