The Basics

January 8, 2014

Andrew and I have been juggling one vehicle the past couple days as his truck is getting some work done so when I took him to work today and saw this amazing spread of fallen leaves, I squealed. I just had to stop and take pictures, obviously. It was only natural being myself and all.

I do have something exciting to share. I've found the most amazing basic, long v-neck tee's that are the perfect length for leggings. I have the hardest time finding ones that aren't too deep that show my hooters and fit my arms the way I like and the material has to be sheer enough to toss on with cutoffs in the summer for the AZ heat. I know, I'm picky, sorry friends! I just have to spread the word though because they're amazing. I did order in gray and black and then I've order the same style in a scoop neck in olive and white. Can you tell I'm obsessed? It's my duty to simply encourage you to add this perfect basic to your closet.... in every color!

leggings | Spanx
top | Shop Sosie
jacket | Forever 21 (similar)
scarf | Target (similar)
boots | Charlotte Russe (similar)
bag | Aldo (similar- holy splurge!)
watch | Fossil



  1. YES! I have the same issue - I need to cover the booty but want to cover the girls too! Thank you for the links!!!

    I have to say for a girl who's dealing with migraines often - I love that you keep your wits, your smile and are so put together! oxox

  2. I love this classic yet casual look on you girl! xo

  3. I totally look for the same in a top, cover the booty without exposing too much on top! I am loving the scarf too! Your hair is gorgeous as ever!

  4. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect tee! You look great girl.

    Chelsea & The City

  5. Have you tried Everlane tees yet? They're my absolute favorite and I think could meet your requirements :)

    a dash of gold

  6. I LOVE that scarf and bag. You make me want to go shopping!

  7. I am a big fan of if you find something you like, then you should get it in multiple colors haha

  8. I have to go clothes shopping soon since I have lost a bunch of weight. I am hoping I can find cute stuff. Some of the stuff I have seen in the stores makes me cringe.

  9. I don't think you're picky. I think I am going to try those! haha You look gorge as always.\

  10. This outfit is my idea of perfect! Going to buy every single one of those shirts right now.

  11. you are just too adorable!

  12. Haha I'm cracking up at the word hooters...I grew up with my mom and grandma calling them that!

  13. I may have to stock up on some of those tees! You're right, they are perfect for leggings. :)

  14. Oh I need to check that tee out!