January 21, 2014

I'm back to being quite sleep deprived and it's taking a toll, I tell ya. From trying to get into a routine and working while also taking care of myself has already seemed to take more effort than I feel it should and it's so frustrating because I'm so inspired right now and simply want to work! I heard NyQuil has a new zzz drug that's strictly a sleep aid so I might have to give that a shot. Have any of you taken it?

I feel like I should also say I hate shorts. You would never catch me wearing them until about a year ago because for some reason, my husband likes my tree trunk legs but it was 80 degrees in PHX Saturday so I had to take the opportunity to hit the market in this spring-like number. I am currently working on slimming those legs down along with getting a tan so hopefully I'll be sharing Aubrey's Legs 2.0 soon.... :)

sweater | Kiki La'Rue
shorts | Kiki La'Rue
fedora | Windsor
sandals (similar) | Target
sunnies | Ray Ban
watch | Fossil
bracelet | Alex & Ani
necklaces | Miaearrings (giveaway coming in Feb!)



  1. The ZZZquil stuff is AWE-SOME. Try it. You'll like

  2. super cute!!!! I know youre into skincare as well girly! When i went more of a "vegan" style and had meat and dairy as treats. My skin did 10 times better as did my body. Talk about weight dropping naturally. NO working out, but after youre eating that style, you will have the energy and we became way more active after going more of a vegan route. My decision was not based off of animal cruelty, as I believe God gave us the animals to eat etc, but based off of lots of health research. ALSO Trim healthy Mama book is amazing. If you pinterest " the Shrinker" you will find the oolong tea contraption that is AMAZING for SKIN and burns up to 400 extra calories per day just by drinking it. Its amazing what God gave us. Anyways. Love following you. I need to start blogging soon :X. haha :) and you look great how you are! :). beautiful girl!

  3. Yes, try zzzquil! I love it, ha! I am so in love with your hair!

  4. I also have "tree trunk legs" and for some reason my husband loves them as well. Lol but I do my eliptical and that seems to help. Love your blog.

  5. love the shorts...and have i mentioned your hair is amazinggggg!

  6. I've tried the Nyquil ZZZ stuff - it works OK - for some reason it makes me super anxious before I fall asleep. Like I want to kick my feet and yell a bit - semi hyper and then I crash.... strange I know. I say give it a shot, literally - you never know until you try.

  7. You look amazing and are absolutely adorable! I always look forward to reading your blog each week.

  8. You look amazing and are absolutely adorable! I always look forward to reading your blog each week.

  9. I think you look amazing! I love the outfit! xo

  10. 1) Those sandals were on sale at Target for like $9. Too bad I didn't snag them! 2) Try melatonin. It's a non-habit forming vitamin that will help you sleep. I've been using it for years & it works wonders. 3) Shut up! You do not have *tree trunk legs* lol (but I totally feel you on the shorts as I have big thighs as well .... boo!) At least our hubbies like them ;)

  11. Shorts?! Seriously, your are in shorts in Jan?! Oh my goodness I need to MOVE! You look gorgeous as always my love!!! Send some sun my way ;)
    McKenna Bleu

  12. I too have tree trunk legs (I've usually called them "thunder thighs", but I like the sound of tree trunk legs better, sounds much more sophisticated!) And I love that you're totally rocking those shorts... embrace 'em baby! You look great!

  13. I love those shorts and I remember seeing them thinking maybe someday! Hats and sunnies my fav thing to wear when the weather is awesome!

  14. Doh! I forgot to mention that Melatonin is something that you can take. It's supposed to be non-addictive.


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