Monday.... it either seems to be amazing or it's just dragging on. Today for me was a dragger. It was so hard waking up this morning on mom duty and getting Drake to school and even harder planting myself in front of the computer getting back to emails. It will be a crazy couple weeks as I gear up leaving the church. So much stuff to get in order to whoever takes over my position and a lot of wine to get me through the crazy stress it's already inflicting. Oye!

I am going to be boring today and update on the good ole migraines happening in my life. I did hit the doctor again before Christmas with an obnoxiously long list of side effects and how I felt like I'm not myself basically. He sort of laughed because half my list made complete sense as the other has nothing to do with weaning off my medications. So he pretty much said I'm weird... okay not really, but I'm sure he was thinking that.

To name a few I had nausea, excessive eating, no sleep, shakes, anxiety and the list goes on! Totally weird. Not to mention, I have never in my life been late for my girl stuff and was 8 days late. Who knew? He said my hormones are adjusting and I'm going to be going through this phase of unknown side effects for about another 3 weeks. Yay!...not.

That being said, I have still been pretty miserable on the migraine front. He decided to pull some Vicodin to save the day and I will be treating with that for pain. I do still get nauseous when I have them so I've reverted to some preggers anecdotes with ginger tea and little hard candy treats that help. Otherwise, we're surviving. Still a lot of sleepless nights but I'm thinking positively as I'll be able to adjust my schedule much more freely in 2 weeks.... I can do it!

On another note, I hit 5k on instagram last week! That is so very exciting to me and can't thank you guys enough who do follow along. It's my obsession kind of so I'm happy so many people seem to like it also. You can follow along here if you aren't already | @aubreykinch.