February 12, 2014

It doesn't take much for me to fall head over heels with any kind of flowy dress with me having a love for beaches and Mexico and a strong margarita so when I found this simple yet intricate dress from Riffraff, I had to have it. I chose to channel my inner vacationer with the 80 degree AZ weather and paired it with a good sandal & fedora but snagged a light cardigan just in case. It was bliss. I totally plan on bringing this baby when we head to Mexico next month & rightfully so, it's perfect to flaunt on a white sandy beach.

dress | Riffraff #riffrafflove
cardigan | Target
sandals (similar) | Target
fedora | Windsor
watch | Fossil
sunnies | Ray Ban


  1. I read this as I sit next to a window, watching freezing rain fall from the sky. So basically, you're making me cold by wearing that and I'm jealous that you're going to Mexico.

  2. You are so stinkin' cute.

  3. you can totally rock that fedora. looks great!

  4. Gorgeous! You went from photos in the snow to photos in a maxi dress! Lucky!

  5. Beauty!! I so wish I could wear dresses and sandals right now :(

  6. So you're adorable. But then your tattoos... They capture my heart and make me your biggest fan. As a fellow tattooed beauty I can't tell you how lovely I find them on women even though so many people think they're only for men. Love. Love. Love. Oh, and love the fedora too!