Andrew and I are elated to share our prayers have been answered after many months and we will be welcoming our sweet B A B Y   K I N C H this October! Big brother, Drake, is over the moon with excitement and can't stop talking about the baby and touching my growing belly (note: the pic above is exaggerated for fun- I'm only just showing). We are 8 weeks along and know the risk of sharing this soon but we want to celebrate this new life and joy God is bringing to our home. We trust Him and pray all goes well with a happy and healthy baby. We have always said how blessed we are and feel even more so after God has chosen us for this miracle.

For a little background, we found out at 3 weeks along and it was right after I returned from a trip to NY. I had spent month after month taking pregnancy tests praying for that positive result so it was time I had finally given up my worries and given it all the the Lord; you might remember that with this post. Little did I know, the Lord already had been working on our prayers. It was the next day I took a home pregnancy test and all our hopes and dreams of a family were confirmed. It has been rough with sickness which I'm sure you can tell but this is when I can fully explain why there hasn't been much activity on the blog because I'm too busy vomiting or sleeping.... #truth. I am happy to say I've gotten some meds to help so I hope to get my butt in gear again.

We are just so thankful to be blessed in this magnitude and thank you all for following our journey. I don't intend the blog to change in style as I already have doses of life and family but yes, you can expect my instagram to go crazy with baby related goodies. Sorry in advance, friends!

"for this child i have prayed.... and the Lord granted me my petition that i made to Him."

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