Another Maxi

April 29, 2014

dress | Crystal Feather Boutique, tote | Sammydress, bracelet | Forever 21

Can we talk about this poof?! I mean this hasn't happened where it actually sticks in about 6 years and it only did then because I was a dancer and the poof happened on the daily. I did go much blonder recently, much to my husband's liking so maybe that's why it's working with me again.... and I chopped 5 inches off! 
*insert shocked monkey face emoti here*

On a different note, I'm wearing a maxi again, a day after I said I was trying not to and I have to say it's because it's already deathly hot in PHX and I about melted away when I walked outside in jeans today. I had to change or I would've died. Can we all agree on this? This number came from Crystal Feather Boutique though and they're offering you babes 20% off with code "KINCHBLOG" that's valid for 3 days only so get to shopping, ladies!

I'll see you back Thursday with a lovely post about my not so lovely pregnancy acne... blah!


  1. Love this dress!! You look gorgeous! How does the sizing run?

  2. I saw your hair and I was like WANT!!!! It's lovely and the poof is PRIMO! Well done. I love days when my hair just does what I want it to, I like it even better when it surprises me!

    That maxi is amazing!!! I would mess it up in a heartbeat, surely sitting in something that would stain it but I LOVE the look. You look wonderful momma!

  3. That dress...LOVE!! It looks amazing on you - and your hair - both are perfection!

  4. Holly Martinez4/30/14, 12:36 PM

    Perfect dress to bring this weekend!! :)

  5. Love that girl! You're rocking the baby bump ;)


  6. love that dress. I'm always afraid maxi's will make me look pregnant when I'm not, but this one is super cute!

  7. The maxi is amazing & so if the poof - you look great, mama!

  8. loving that maxi! and i love that its not KLR because everything there is always sold out or only available in smalls! ha ha.
    you look SO good in white girl!

    1. i kid i kid! this is only available in a small too!
      so sad for me.