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May 1, 2014

Can I complain for moment? Well, I'm going to.... all I heard was becoming pregnant would give you amazing skin and it would basically change your life. That "glow" people talk about was really true because all the extra hormones made for one gorgeous complexion and you wouldn't even need makeup because it was perfect.

That is a load of crap.

At least for me it is and from a lot of other mama's out there, it is for them too. I had just gotten into the best routine of my skin's life and was pretty elated by the cleared face I had after years of battling acne and then BAM all that changed and I looked like a 14 year old girl again. FML, I tell ya.

Luckily, Enza Skin Care reached out to me on a collaboration and was seriously amazing as I sent question after question their way on product and side effects and how pregnancy played into it all. They custom built my routine and sent me some fabulous products I have been living on the last 2 months. The first month was the "clear up" stage, bringing it all to surface and then battling that nasty break out but the second month has been pure bliss. I have the best skin I've ever had and I secretly do a happy dance every morning I wake up with a clear, zit free face. It's glorious. 

Today Enza is offering my readers a generous 40% off for your purchases that will be live for 2 weeks time: "KINCHLIFE"! I can't stress enough coming from a ance prone gal, this stuff is worth it. You can shop, here!

*Thank you Enza for the generous gifted items. You've truly helped me with confidence and can't express my gratitude to an outstanding product I'll continue coming back for!


  1. I've heard the glowing myth too but I've also been around plenty of mommies who dealt with pregnancy acne. I'm sorry. Hopefully this helps!

  2. That sounds amazing - even for us not pregos! The glow is a load, but I heard the last trimester or so your skin does have that the dewy glow. My sister broke out like crazy, as a lot of women do in the first and early second trimesters. You're beautiful as always! xx

    Melissa Faye

  3. I totally understand your pain with the pregnancy acne...mine is worse now than it was when I was a teen! Although I haven't tried any products to clear my skin up during pregnancy (I was on prescribed acne prescriptions pre-pregnancy) I might look into this skin care line. Does it make your skin dry out? A lot of topical acne creams dry my skin out like crazy and the Arizona sun/heat doesn't help! I hope it stays working for you throughout your pregnancy!


  4. Really great and helpful post! So Glad Enza was able to help! You look amazing!!!

  5. Thank you for posting this! I am pregnant as well and have had horrible acne most of my life (accutane was the only thing that even touched it). When I got pregnant my face finally started to clear up, but now that I am 7.5 months pregnant it is back!! I have the cystic acne once again :( What do you use or find the most helpful with Enza? I notice there products have Salicylic Acid in them, which I have used throughout my pregnancy but I know it is maybe not the best. Did they offer you any insight on this? Thanks for your help and congrats on your pregnancy!! :)