I have been loving all sorts of beauty products lately and wanted to share my favorites for spring and what I'm thinking I'll be using all through summer. I've also been working with Studio Mucci on a custom collaboration for their tassel garlands which will be shared soon but doesn't their Silver Sand one look gorgeous on this board? It's my favorite and is hanging in our master bedroom!

Since being pregnant I've had the worst dry skin and it's been a challenge finding the right foundation to compliment my new skin type so I recently reverted back to my Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Foundation to see if it fit the bill and it's been a dream. The coverage is spot on for it warming up and the moisture it provides leaves my face polished without peeling throughout the day. So happy I started using it again and a plus is the SPF factor it offers!

I'm usually an Urban Decay obsessed chick but saw this amazing Bobbi Brown Sequin Shimmer Brick a couple months back on Pinterest and knew I had to have it. I am so excited for it to arrive (ordered it last week) and I think the blush and warmer tones are going to be fabulous. The current colors I've been wearing are cooler so I'm excited to bring in those golden, cream shades again!

Lastly, we all know I'm a huge nude lip fan and for a while there, it's all I wore. I did venture out of my comfort zone the majority of winter and wore warmer, deeper shades but as it's warmed up I'm finding myself constantly reaching for my nude lip again. By far my favorite is MAC Myth but you can see my other favorites, here from when I posted on instagram!

What are some of your favorite beauty finds right now?
I'm always up for attempting new things so do tell!