Pregnancy | What They Don't Tell You

June 3, 2014

taken at 16 weeks

We are just over 19 weeks pregnant now and trucking through this second trimester. As it's been going along, I've been feeling different things, my body is really changing and I'm experiencing things I've never been told in my life before I'd be going through while pregnant but, maybe that's because I never asked or did the research. But today, I thought I'd share those not so glamorous items with you to really give you the insights of being pregnant... at least what it's been like for me.

Dry Skin // Kind of normal, kind of not. This kind of dry skin is nothing like I was prepared for. It's like my whole body is shedding a layer of skin every single week. I have eczema as it is and use some intense moisturizers to maintain some dew but man, it's relentless. After going through jars upon jars of Jergen's I've switched to the Intensive Repair Body Cream by Eucerin for my whole body and focus on my belly with Burt's Bees Mama Belly Butter. It's helping thus far but as I stretch... everywhere, my skin is turning from dry peely to dry scaly so I basically have spots all over my body that are really rough and won't tan resulting in some beautiful white spots on my thighs, stomach and armpits. Weird.

Round Ligament Pain // This is not a joke. Around week 15 I started to really feel pains in my stomach and uterus and had heard about that happening with the stretching occurring but just in the last week, baby girl has almost doubled in size and that shit hurts. It tends to be more painful when I'm laying down and it's like nothing I can explain. Not quite cramping or sharp pains but seriously a stretch with pains and cramping all in one? Maybe that's the best way to describe it? Who knows, but my Dr did say this is normal and get ready for it because it's only just beginning.

Colostrum // This is so embarrassing yet so magnificent how God built the female body. Over the weekend while 18 weeks pregnant, I was showering and noticed this milky substance seeping from my boobs. Naturally, I tried wiping it off and cleaning it not thinking much but it kept happening. I screamed for my husband and showed him and freakishly asking him "AM I LACTATING?!". Talk about a newbie... after a little digging and a call to my Dr (she's probably so sick of me) it was confirmed this is called Colostrum. Basically my body is getting ready to begin lactating when Emery comes and this won't stop over the second half of my pregnancy. I was told to invest in some breast pads to conceal and manage the leaking so... yeah. There's that.

Discharge // Another totally embarrassing thing but it's normal and again, something I knew nothing about. It's common when your uterus is stretching and making room for baby that your lady area will build up a lot more discharge. It hasn't been too extreme (thank heavens) but it's happening. I've become accustomed to carrying thin pantie liners in my purse to stay clean and dry. Gross.

Emotions Galore // Let's just call this what it is and admit I'm basically bipolar right now. Over the last few years I've really learned my emotions and how to control and manage them without blowing things up and what not so as I've been a complete mess the last few months, I just sit and cry telling Andrew "I just don't know why I'm crying!". Story of every pregnant chicks life. It really hit me on Friday night when Andrew and I were talking about Disney movies. I brought up Toy Story 3 and immediately started bawling. Not like normal tears but full on convulsions, wet nose, screaming CRYING. I can truthfully say I've never cried that hard in my entire life. I guess Andy saying goodbye to his toys really hit me in that sweet spot for some reason. Talking about it now, I'm totally fine but that night... good heavens! You would've thought Andrew died or something.

Aches & Pains // Um, basically my whole body aches. It's like I've worked out really hard and everything is sore but it goes down to the bone. I really notice it in my lower back, pelvis and shins. I've been requesting massages left and right from my honey which isn't his thing so pedicures are my new favorite thing. I literally ask them to just rub my feet double the time because I'm so achy. With my pelvis, it's such a weird feeling. When I sneeze and blow my nose it aches, people. I didn't expect that but I'm sure it's common again for a lot of woman as our uterus is stretching all around there.

Constipation // This is the worst. I know it gets even more intense when I'm taking my nausea medicine (Zofran) but what's worse? Nausea or constipation? I vote nausea. I've really been intentional about getting enough greens and fiber in my diet even adding a fiber supplement into my yogurt and juices but it still is painful. All honesty, its about a week between each time I can relieve myself and it's not enough when it happens. Ugh- pregnancy is so glamorous.

Okay, I think I've been honest enough and embarrassed myself fully so let's wrap this up. All this being said, I'm in complete awe of how God created female though. To think of all the things we women endure and go through to bring our sweet babies into the world is indescribable and my body is doing exactly what God intended it to do while carrying our little miracle. I still pinch myself as it gets closer and closer and we check things off our to-do list. We are so blessed and can't wait to meet our little lady!


  1. hahaha this is spot on! I remember the first time I leaked colostrum... it was after....getting intimate with Jon and he said he noticed it! HA! As weird as all the pregnancy stuff is, I think the post partum stuff is weirder (and crappier) one tells you the dirt!

  2. It is so amazing and I was blessed with an easy pregnancy myself. You look amazing and if you're not already, you'll laugh at all this later! :)

  3. Angelica C. Birch6/3/14, 6:17 AM

    I know you're constipated and whatnot, but {at least} you're the shit for writing this post! ;) Pregnancy is a crazy-beautiful thing, but it's nice to see someone speak candidly about the not so glamorous side. Keep up the hard work that is growing a human, Mama! xo

  4. thanks so much for keepin' it real! saying lots of prayers for your sweet family for a [continued] healthy pregnancy! xo

  5. Aww! My daughters name is Emery!!! Everyone always told me it was a boys name and i've never seen anyone else with it! I LOVE IT!

  6. Oh Aubrey! LOL I bawled like a baby at that exact scene in Toy Story and I am NOT pregnant so don't feel bad! LOL And this may be TMI but I've been dealing with the constipation pretty much my whole life! I can go 4 days without going and once again, I'm not pregnant lol. I would have to side with you on the I'd rather not "go" than have nausea! Hang in there! And thanks for keeping it real! :) Love that!

  7. Hahaha love this and love the honesty. As wonderful as pregnancy is, it can also be a nightmare. When i've been pregnant my body felt like a war zone. And yes, such a love hate relationship with Zofran. After weeks of being miserably constipate and trying EVERYTHING, I rested to the dreaded enema. I lost all sense of dignity but I would do one about every five days and it changed my pregnancy life!
    Again, glad you're sharing the uglier side of pregnancy...everyone is so afraid/embarrassed to talk about it.
    Hang in there Momma!

  8. Bless your heart - on the upside, you look amazing, so there's that!!!

    My nephew has eczema and oddly enough his pediatrician has told my SIL to use Crisco. Yes, just good ole' fashioned Crisco out of the can/jug and rub it on his extra dry spots. It's worth a shot right? They live Colorado so it's fairly dry there - as I know you experience living where you do. Worst case it doesn't work and you are stuck with a can of shortening - best case it helps you out a bit until your skin returns to normal.

    PS My SIL was so curious about it, she started using it on her dry patches on her face and it's been amazing she said, no clogged pours either! I would recommend a spot check before slathering it all over but thought I'd pass on the little nugget of info.

  9. Never been pregnant, but just stared meds for my first round of IVF this July, always appreciate an honest post like this!! It's what draws me to blogs, life isn't always rainbows and sunshine, and I'm sure it's nice for someone reading this going through the same symptoms that they aren't alone. Best of luck to you!!

  10. I agree with Ruthie about the postpartum "stuff." I had friends sort-of prepare me for that but really until you go through it there is no way to really have an understanding of what your body will go through. I had no idea that the first postpartum #2 would be the most terrifying experience in life for me (seriously TMI I know, but it was scary). It is so important to be honest and forthcoming about what you are experiencing because there are some women that just simply have no clue what to expect. Books may dig into it a little bit, but there is nothing like a true, honest tell-all to really prepare new prego's for what they are in for. Kudos to you for putting it all out there.

  11. This is all 100% truer than true! Have you had the joy of experience of peeing when you sneeze or cough yet?! It happened to me all the time and I was constantly having to change my undies and unfortunately I am in the small percentage of women who still experience it after pregnancy. But it's all worth it in the end!

  12. Being 24 weeks this week - all of this is so true! It makes me feel better to know I am not alone in my body doing some crazy shit since becoming pregnant. And you are right, its TOTALLY all worth it in the end! Love being able to read your blog every day and feel like at least someone knows what I am going through!

  13. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I cried at the end of Con-Air. CON-AIR!!! There is some of the worst acting of all time in that movie and yet it moved me. My husband started busting up laughing. In hindsight, it's pretty funny. And proof that pregnancy hormones are no joke.

    And the constipation... oh man. I had to take extra iron (I didn't have to take Zofran) so I definitely had my fair share through pregnancy. I think it is God's way of preparing the body for pushing if you know what I mean. Gotta love pregnancy!

  14. You know I found this post to be helpful....thanks for all the honesty, even about the embarrassing parts. Since pregnancy is beginning to be on my mind (still pretty far in the future), it helps to have someone share some the not so glamorous points of the experience.

  15. I've heard about the colostrum and round ligament pain but I did not know about the dry skin, and for some reason I was getting excited that going into my second trimester would mean I would stop being so emotional! Thank you so much for the insight! This is definitely all good to know!

  16. I haven't tried it myself, but I love Free + Native and she recommends Goe Oil for her overly dry skin!
    Maybe worth a shot? Sounds like if it doesn't do the trick during pregnancy, it will be awesome to have for after!

  17. Yes yes yes! I am dealing with just about everything here. I'm a few days away from 19 weeks and am so weirded out by these round ligament pains!! Ouch! And my skin has been so dry that it is peeling. It looks like I got sunburned. I also have a lovely facial rash caused by pregnancy hormones. There are so many weird things that are happening and I wasn't really prepared for any of them. haha! I'm glad I'm not alone. P.S. you look beautiful in the baby bump pic!