I am so excited to share the darling baby shower invites we just sent out for my baby shower! I've teamed with the lovely Jessica of Simply Jessica Marie on them and she listened to all my picky requests and built something that's so beautiful and special for this sweet day! I spent some time building out a custom pinterest board with my ideas and sent everything along to her which she then morphed and created. I also chose to make the inserts myself to match her invites so we didn't have to cram a bunch of info on the invite itself. 

How cute is the little saying about bringing a book? Props to my sister in law for sharing that idea with me- what a fun way to build a little library for baby lady! Also, I have to say I've been using Baby List for my registry and it's been a dream. I can add items from anywhere online all on one list to send out. It's made my variety of wants so simple to pile together and I love the updates via email they send when product cost changes or inventory. Such a neat idea!

All in all, I'm smitten with the way everything came together and I'm already counting down the days until we can celebrate sweet Emery Odessa! Thank you, Jessica, for all your hard work and efforts making these invites a reality and thank you to my mom for the gift of these!