Well it's official. We're all settled into the new office having changed my previous one into the nursery and this one I had to keep a little more neutral because Andrew and I are sharing. I should start by disclosing this room isn't at all staged and styled for a post but shown as you would see it on a daily basis. This room was previously his "man room" with his music gear, computer and we had a foosball table but knowing I needed a designated space to work, we had to rework some things. We ended up donating the foosball table to our youth group but managed to keep all his other items in this room once it was reworked a touch. We painted.... and when I say "we" I mean I painted.... and pulled in the furniture I had from my old office. All together, I think things turned out great but it's definitely a challenge staying inspired in such a bland space. Still some getting used to as well as a lot of pinterest browsing to stay motivated! I do have to say, it's nice on his days off when we're both in there working together. We may be doing busy work, but it's more convenient spending time together!