All American

August 5, 2014

dress: Target | jean jacket: Target | wedges: Steve Madden | clutch (thank you, Talyah!): Stella & Dot | sunnies (option): Old Navy | watch: Fossil | long necklace: BaubleBar | bar necklace: Miaearrings (use code KINCH20 for 20% off!)


A couple weeks ago I was running a few errands and came across this lovely flag wall in front of Toby Keith's Bar at Park West so naturally, I had to stop for some outfit pics! Looking back at them, I feel like I was in the perfect All American ensemble with a summer dress, jean jacket and wedges. Talk about the perfect back drop, right?

Now on to some business... today is my first ever Brazilian Wax and I am faaareaking out you guys! I was told it will be more sensitive because I'm pregnant and the "recovery" can take a couple extra days but I have to do something. It's embarrassing trying to maintain that with a huge belly and quite honestly, a pain in the ass. Do you guys have any tips or tricks for me before heading in? The place I've scheduled with uses all organic hard wax and is supposed to be the top place in the valley so I'm confident they know what they're doing. I just have to get over someone being all up in my business although, this could be good practice for when baby lady comes... ;)


  1. I was so nervous for my first brazilian! It went better than I expected and totally worth it. I would recommend taking some kind of pain reliever about 30 minutes before, if you can!

  2. Um my tip is not to get one if you are going to be extra sensitive....get it cleaned it a brazillitini (i think it's called....but some parts of your skin....not to be graphic but there is no tension there and the pain is not so fun (when you aren't sensitive). let me clean you up and take care of stuff but maybe not full blown lol

  3. 1. You are the cutest pregger the world has ever seen
    2. Can't wait to hear about the brazillian!!! I am wanting to do that before the wedding but I'm so chicken haha!!

  4. Holy shit. You are braver than I am. GOOD LUCK GIRLFRIEND!

  5. I work at a European Wax Center as a receptionist. While the first one is ALWAYS the worst and most painful, don't let is scare you away. The more consistant you are the better results you'll get and less painful everytime too. While waxing isn't fun every 4 weeks I'd never go back to shaving. Aftercare is just as important, so make sure you're exfoliating to prevent bumps and breakouts and keeping it moisturized. <3 best of luck!

  6. They make numbing cream just for this. It is suppose to take away so of the pain. The most uncomfortable part for me was when the lady told me to pull my knees to my armpits in the middle of asking what my favorite food were. That and the moment when I left and part of my butt checks were still sticking to the back of my legs when i walked! Good luck Aubrey!

  7. THOSE SHOES!!!! so cute! plus i'm obsessed with you hair


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