Emery Update

August 22, 2014

I am officially 31 weeks pregnant on Sunday and it has me in the slightly panicked "OMG she will be here so soon" mindset and also in this "please hurry up time, I can't wait to smother her with kisses" mindset. I've been seeing babies being born left and right on instagram from blog friends and real life friends and it makes me realize that much more, it will soon be us. I feel like so many people I cross paths with have all been pregnant at the same time with mere weeks apart so it's sinking in, it'll soon be us celebrating the birth of our daughter.

Tuesday and Wednesday I went to the doctor to check up on her because we were told she was measuring big so we were ordered a "medically necessary" ultrasound to make sure she's on track and if not, build out a plan of action. We didn't plan on anymore U/S after our last at 19 weeks so she would be a complete surprise to us and I assumed when they ordered this one it would be a standard 2D option. To our surprise, they switch from 2D to 4D in the middle of the appt and I lost it in tears. It's so surreal seeing those little facial features that much more real and how they'll look in 65 days or less in my arms. She was so active and precious, sticking her tongue out and sucking on her hands. She even had her little feetsies over her head back and forth. I couldn't help but be overcome by emotion knowing that's our daughter and soon she'll be in our home, filling up our hearts even more than she is right now.

She's doing amazing and isn't measuring big but right on track. She's 3 pounds 9 ounces as of Wednesday (8.20) and in the 54th percentile for her size. So this U/S really wasn't necessary but the excuse to see her was totally worth it! We're still praying she decides to come a little early but of course, in her time because we don't want to induce but since we have a wedding to be part of merely 11 days after her due date, mama would like some recovery and settling in time before that event, naturally. But again, I refuse to induce because I want her coming on her own terms so if that means I'm still pregnant in my brother's wedding or face timed in as a bridesmaid from the hospital, that's what will happen! ;)



  1. Aww she looks so cute! Can't wait to see her once she's out!

  2. She's so precious! What a cool surprise to keep you in suspense even more than you already were, ha!

  3. you can already tell what a cutie she is! our little lady was measuring so so small as well. we had an induction scheduled for a few days earlier than her due date which i was really uncomfortable with but little lady decided she wanted to come on her own early! hoping for only good things for you from here on out!

  4. Yeah! I get to do the 4D U/S next appointment and can't wait to see our little guy. I am 3 weeks behind you and love reading what you do and how your baby girl is doing!

  5. So excited for you! What a sweet little face!

  6. Just wanted to encourage you with your plan not to induce! My first was 10 days late and everyone pressured me to induce. I didn't. He was born on Labor Day weekend and Iove that part of his story. I'm also glad I went naturally with my body as he was a super fast delivery (little less than 6hrs). It will all work out if you let nature take it course :)


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