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We are officially there people! 36 weeks and my doctor will deliver baby girl if she's decides to come any day now. Andrew and I are praying as are a lot of our friends and family that she comes very soon versus closer to her actual due date so if you don't mind as well, we would love that!

Some things have definitely changed over the last week/weekend and it all points to my body getting ready to her big appearance.

+ Andrew and I went to Costco yesterday and I could barely make it through the store. I kept getting so much pressure and spasms in my pelvic area and it was painful! I was in tears and crying but I'm assuming that means she's getting lower.

+ I haven't had super tender boobs since the first trimester and suddenly the water in the shower makes me scream. I'm also leaking a whole lot more so I've been wearing nursing pads so it doesn't go through to my shirts.

+ I have a theory this means she's dropping. I only have a couple stretch marks that are tiny on my hips and overnight I had large, deep, painful ones just below my belly button. Keep dropping baby girl!

+ Still slowly coming out.

+ Whew- that is no joke! I've been reading about labor more and more and I've heard you can even get your contractions in your back? Who knew! I'm assuming that might be it but nothing worth timing.

+ Only a couple times and hour during the day after I've done something strenuous so it's not serious although they're painful. I'm praying this week they get to where I can at least get excited about them getting worse and closer together.

+ ALL THE TIME. Like a period but on steroids.

As for the family of mine, we're all on pins and needles!

This morning laying in bed, Andrew mentioned how excited he is that in just a few weeks we will be home with Emery snuggled with us and how he can't wait to hold her all the time. It melts my heart hearing him express his excitement for meeting her and finally being a daddy to a daughter.

He is dying her his sister to make her debut on his birthday, October 13th! I keep telling him, I will do my best but who knows. He picked out a special book this week for her and wrote her a letter and plans on giving/reading it to her when he meets her in the hospital. We have her car seat installed and every time I get him from school he comments on how he can't wait to reach over and hold her little hands when she's here.

This dog! He will not leave my side. He's always been a clingy type but lately he follows me even into the bathroom or when I shower and starts whining when I leave him. He is attached and I feel like it just has to do with him knowing things are about to change.

I have 2 full weeks of work left that I need to complete before she arrives but in case she does come, I have an auto reply set up and ready to post. I am crossing my fingers if that happens, my clients will understand and respect the sudden MIA vibes they'll be getting. I hope to take about 6 weeks off when she comes!

So here we are., playing the waiting game. I'm not one to be patient and like to wait but I keep telling myself even if she doesn't come before her due date, we only have 28 days until we meet her. Maybe 29 if they induce the day after her due date. I can do it.