Let's talk diaper bags. I've never been one to really want a traditional diaper bag because I feel like with trends these days, I'd always want to be switching it up and changing the style of the bag I carry. This might not be the case with a boy because but I'm fully embracing having a girl, I can be picky and change the style of my bag often if I want. I started my hunt in the first trimester and was sold on a Kate Spade option. I ordered it during a surprise sale and have loved it ever since especially because it's leopard print. Now a couple weeks ago, I got around to getting it packed for the hospital with the necessities and quickly realized that although it's not small, it's limited on pockets for all the random things the babe needs.

I then crossed paths with Lily Jade diaper bags and was sold by the Baby Bag insert because it meets all my needs with pockets upon pockets! I have space to stow extra socks, swaddle blankets, pacifiers, headbands, boogie wipes, Sophie...you name it! And of course, I have space for the main details- diapers and wipes. It's pretty genius. Coming from a Kate Spade addict, I'm happy to say the Lily Jade bag is going to be my daily use bag! I can totally see myself snagging the leopard KS one for random things or maybe a second bag for Andrew's truck but functionality wins and I'm sold on my metallic beaute. I can already see down the line when I don't need an abundance of details packed, I'll just take the Baby Bag insert out and use this as my purse as well as Em's. Winning, my friends!

Also, that gray, heart coverall is from J.Crew and it's my obsession. I hope it fits Emery to wear coming home from the hospital!

*Lily Jade bags are on sale right now!