Week End

September 12, 2014

Remember how I said I felt a little crazy for getting things ready so soon for baby girl? Well last night I experienced some contractions for about 3 hours starting at 18 mins apart increasing to 12 and then they stopped. I'm totally fine now, not hurting or feeling a thing but I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks lately too. This just assures me I can't be too prepared for her arrival. Just saying!

I also realized last night that every weekend until Emery is due, we have something planned and going on. I have to say I'm a little bummed and a little encouraged by this. On one hand, Andrew and I don't have a lot of just time for us anymore but it also keeps us busy so I'm distracted from the countdown. You win some, you lose some- right?

On a similar note, I've had an overwhelming sense of love for my husband lately. We are celebrating 5 years together in a couple weeks and we talked about how things were when we started dating to how they are now and it's so fun seeing how our life has evolved together. He's been so kind to me, rubbing my feet and being so attentive the last few weeks and I'm just cherishing that man. He has a heart of gold and I never want to take him for granted.



  1. You're bringing another human being into the world. I don't think there is such thing as being over-prepared!! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Girl, I had baby girl's nursery done at 28 weeks and everyone waited until right at the end. I don't know how they functioned knowing the nursery wasn't done and the hospital bag wasn't packed. That would have drove me insane. Early is always better. I kept saying "I never know what can happen and she might show up early". Even though she didn't show up early, I am still glad I was prepared. It eased my mind heading into those final weeks :) Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers during these last weeks. It gets harder even though that seems impossible. But you will make it and soon enough sweet E will be in your arms!

  3. Good luck girly! I wish you the best during your little nesting time.

  4. AH! So excited to see your little girl!! Soon you will be holding her and everything will be worth it!