Organization Queen

November 13, 2014

Hello friends! I am in full swing preparing for the holidays and getting things nailed down in my planner for 2015 and I had a thought.... it's going to be 2015! I mean, how did that sneak up on us all so quickly?! I have been a faithful user of my Day Designer for the last year and while it's been wonderful, I felt it wasn't used to it's full potential with all my organizing and chronic planning. That being said, I came across the Design Love Planner a couple months back and after reading a few reviews, I thought it would be something lovely for my daily use and something I would fully utilize and cram full of appointments, client meetings and kiddo goodness!

Once it arrived, I was totally sold! I was giddy flipping through the pages and soaking in all the lovely prints and motivational quotes throughout and seriously adore the front pocket it offers for my piles of receipts. Not only does it have the necessary monthly calendar and weekly schedule but it also provides an area for budgeting (hello, new baby spending; I so need this!) and a weekly checklist! And to top it off, I really look forward to reflecting each month on my goals and filling in that little section when I tackle the start of a new season.

All in all, I can't recommend it enough. It's the perfect size to toss in my purse or diaper bag and the hardcover is on point for durability. You can snag yours, here!


  1. These are super cute, if I didn't have my 2015 planner, I'd definitely go with these! And I love that they fit perfectly in a purse!

  2. oh i love these, I'm sending a link to my hubby to tell him I need one for c-mas

  3. I have been eyeing that planner for a month now... I am done eyeing! buying today!! #plannerqueensunite :)

  4. Ah love it! I feel like I could buy a dozen planners and still want more!


  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this planner. i've been searching for a planner to help me stay organized and also something that is equally cute! Thanks again