Year after year I've had it on my list to make an Advent Calendar I can enjoy with my little family and as each year passes, I never do. Maybe it was because I was holding out for a perfect one I could buy or maybe because I really didn't feel like getting things together to make it on my own but when I started following Ashlee on instagram, I knew my mind was changed! She is the founder and creator of the Ashlee Proffitt Advent Calendar and it's a dream! From the lovely silver details and the perfectly curated activity cards, I was elated getting mine in the mail to share with my family. Drake and I put it up last night along with our Christmas decor and he is dying to get into the Christmas story through scripture all lined out on this calendar. We look so forward to making it a new tradition of ours to open each envelope, find the activity that awaits us and read all about the birth of Jesus Christ. What better way than to celebrate this Holiday Season?!

Ashlee is so generously offering 15% off your purchase now through Friday, November 21 with code AUBREY. You can shop it, here!