I had a moment the other day where I was like "wait, Emery is 2 months old...." and then I cried really hard for about 20 minutes because she's already growing so fast and I want to freeze time right.this.second. That's natural, right?

She did so much better with pictures this time around (see 1 month, here) and I'm honestly shocked because she's quite the sickie currently! Those little red eyes are breaking my heart! We went to the doctor on Monday for her 2 months shots (we both cried through that- ugh!) and we got some advice on her cold then too. We're living on the Nose Frida and she's been sleeping with us for a couple nights so she's inclined. Hoping she's slowly on the mend but I just wish I could make her feel better!

She's weighing 10lbs 15oz (54%) and is measuring 22inches (32%) so she looks amazing according to our doctor. She does have a hernia in her belly button so they said it's something that can fix itself over time and if not, she will have surgery when she's 5 to get it fixed. She's exclusively on formula now because my supply dried up fully (sad day) but she does amazing on bottles alone- we're currently using comotomo but I don't love them... I'm searching for other options but I've tried 5 brands now so I think comotomo is the best option for us.

riding in the car
giggling and smiling
sitting up like a big girl
tummy time
baths- seriously her favorite!
staring at fans and lights
being outside
giving open mouth kisses

swaddling- we're transitioning out of them right now
being overtired or hungry
when you take her bottle out of her mouth- she screams like crazy!
sitting still because she loves being rocked
and..... headbands- I will get her to like these! ;)

Overall, we are just loving the stage she's in right now because she recognizes us and smiles all the time. She's been so fun to watch grow and see her little personality come out. Andrew now has a serious bond with his little lady and it melts my heart. We are so blessed! Happy 2 months, angel baby!