It's that time of year where everyone is getting their family pictures taken for their Christmas cards and it's something I look so forward to because my husband expects it! He isn't one to love doing pictures so it's a guarantee he can't fight me on it when the excuse is to update everyone in our lives who means a lot to us.

That being said, I was so elated to collaborate with Ellie Coburn on ours this year because she literally is.a.dream! Ellie drove from Calif to work with us on a Sunday afternoon and she made such an effort to come over prior to us doing pictures to meet the kiddos and pup to get them comfortable. Drake was her little bestie when it came time to shooting and Emery gave her approval by spitting up on her... ha! Sorry Ellie! ;)

Besides all of that, I felt like I was working with a long lost friend while we shot everything. Her whole demeanor is simply warm and inviting and puts everyone at ease capturing the perfect moment. Thank you Ellie for your love and talents- we will forever adore these pictures when looking back on our first pictures of a family of 5!

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