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Every time I post Emery sleeping or about her sleep routine, a lot of people ask me the tricks I'm using to get her sleeping through the night. I am by no means an expert and I feel we totally lucked out with an easy baby on her sleep but I wanted to share what I've found to work for us with her and her sleep schedule.

Let me start with some back story for you.... we went about 3 weeks of her not sleeping at all at night. Legitimately, she'd get about an hour all split up with a few minutes here and there. I struggled and cried and hated life and thought I made a huge mistake jumping into parenting but I prayed and talked to trusted friends and family and we figured out what was wrong. My supply. We then started exclusively pumping and adding formula so her bottles were larger and sleep finally happened. With that alone, she started sleeping 8pm-1am up to feed until about 1:45am and would then sleep until 6am. That to me was huge! Around week 5, I decided to start implementing a bedtime routine with books, bath, play time and bottle so she had consistency and when we did this, she switched to sleeping 8pm- 6am.

Fast forward 3 more weeks of consistency like this I was ready to have her moved into her crib from the bassinet in our bedroom. I knew I had to be gentle with myself because I thought it would take us back to square one. I started implementing her crib more and more at nap time so it wasn't foreign to her and stored the bassinet so I couldn't revert back to it in the middle of the night when i was weak... ha! We had 2 nights of 3am wake ups but then all clicked and she was again, sleeping through the night.

At 12 weeks old, I was over the swaddle because the only swaddle method that she stayed in was the Super Swaddle and that was just too much work for sitters putting her down or for when I wasn't home and Andrew needed to get her to bed. She was becoming fully dependent on me personally and I was really needing to find solutions to getting her routine more "user friendly", if you will. So I ordered the Zipadee Zip. Um, that was a nightmare. The problem is that she hates having her arms free! She would much rather be contained and tight probably because she feels most secure this way so the Zipadee gave her too much movement. I tried the Woombie, sleep sacks...etc and nothing was working.

I was then introduced to the Magic Sleepsuit from a mama on IG who happened to comment about it and I was desperate. I figured I've tried a few things so what could hurt? It arrived in record time, which was awesome and the first nap we tried it with was hugely successful! I had intended on introducing only for naps and about a week later, adding it at bedtime but we tried it the same day we got it and she slept 8pm-7:30am! I was shocked. Here we are, 5 weeks later and she's now sleeping 7:30pm-7:30am like a champ! She sometimes wakes at 6:30 when her brother gets up for school but I snag her and put her in bed with me and she falls right back asleep for an hour or two.

Basically, I was sold. I know how hard it can be navigating this parenthood thing and some things work for people while it doesn't for others but I've heard nothing but rave reviews on the Magic Sleepsuit so I felt it was definitely a must-share.


Doesn't she get hot?
This was brought up often on IG with people accusing me of not being a good mom because "clearly, she's overheating". Well, I'm not dumb friends, and I am her mom who gets to make the decisions for her right now, just as you are your babies mama and can decide what's right for them. Yes? 

End rant.

I have a child who runs so hot (those Kinch genes!) so I was worried about this and thought this through prior to ordering. I did opt to start putting her fan on low in her room but she still wakes up normal. Never warm or sweating, but just like she's cozy! I also keep her in her jammies while she is in this and it's never an issue.

What style did you get? Cotton or fleece?
I chose cotton! I felt it would be more breathable and better for our AZ climate. I mean, it's already in the 80's here so I'll only increase the fan speed over time, I'm sure.

Do you put her in for naps and bedtime?
Yes! I decided if we're doing this, I want consistency. Obviously, if she's napping in her carseat, she isn't in this but if she's at home or at grandparents where she's laid down, I send it with her or she's in it.

Is it soft and flexible for movement?
Totally! It looks like Randy from a Christmas Story (I can't put my arms down!) but she can move and squish and even suck her hands still. 

Are they sold in stores or only online?
I believe only online right now. You can order, here!

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There you have it friends. I tried pulling from all your comments and questions on IG about this baby because I really love it and feel it's worth ordering and testing for yourself! If there's something I didn't cover here, please comment and I'll get back to you (if you're a reply-commenter) as soon as possible! Happy sleeping!