House Hunting

February 24, 2015

I've mentioned it randomly our plans to move sometime this year and we've really been on a roll house hunting and getting excited about the prospect of starting fresh. Last Sunday, we went with our realtor and looked at a few homes for sale in our ideal area after a new build prospect fell through and we're now in this weird place. We loved the idea of building new (still do!) but it would put us in a home that's a house until the kids are out of the house. Loft area, office, huge garage, luxurious kitchen... the works.... the only down fall is our yard might not be as large as we'd like and HOA. All super appealing right off the bat and ready to enjoy but we face the challenge of one day moving again when it's just Andrew and I in the home.

Well, we saw a house Sunday that's foreclosed and is on a huge piece of land! The inside is a hot mess with a lot of fixing needing done to make it livable and then painting of course, so it's really cosmetic but it would give us the ability to build it how we want it, and it's smaller, single story so we could be there even after the babes are out of the home. You know, the long(er) term solution. It has land, a great deck - like huge deck - and would be lovely to build out a fire pit, BBQ area....etc. The rooms are just small and mater bathroom would take a full renovation but it's also very appealing.

So here we are, opposite ends of the spectrum now. Either we're going brand new and lovely or we're going shit show and building custom. What an adventure! We're off to see a few more model developments today and houses with land. Wish us luck!


  1. Can't wait to see what you end up with!!! Good luck!!

  2. How EXCITING! I work in real estate (on the title insurance end) and we process a LOT of files for builders. My one tip is find a builder who's goal is to create a home, not just a house. Those builders are a rare find, but they're worth every single penny. Look for builders who keep open communication and LISTEN to your requests. After all this is the biggest investment you'll ever make in your life -- besides children ;) -- so expect to be treated that way!

    Best of luck lady!

    - Fal @ Waves of Grace: Fal Does Happiness

  3. Build a David Weekley home! Great company, good values, phenomenal product and they guide the buyer each step of the way. ;)