I think when I started shopping for Emery I had this mind set that she would always be cold and I should totally get socks and leggings and sweaters and 8 million blankets (because who can say no to them, seriously?) and I soon realized after she was born that girlfriend took after her daddy and ran HOT. I had to rethink my typical outfit with her going from bundling to staying cool and comfortable and it's so important right now with Arizona heating up. I've been loving these Offspring bodysuits because the fabric is so light and airy on baby girl. I thought sharing a couple tips on how to dress for the warming temps would be wise... I mean, we Arizonians are experiencing it first after all! ;)

ONE // Dress is layers in the morning when it's cooler so as it heats up, you can take the socks, jacket, leggings off while baby is acclimating to their surroundings.

TWO // When leaving the house, pack multiple of the same breathable fabric for potential outfit changes so you know baby will be comfortable if they need changed.

THREE // Keep a burp cloth or receiving blanket handy to wipe drool to remove extra moisture that can cause rashes on your little loves skin. Those little neck rolls catch all the good stuff so get in there and make sure it's dry!

FOUR // Bring a hat and sunscreen! If anything, make sure if you're going out you have a little sun hat and sunscreen (if approved by your dr) to protect your little one. I normally start a walk in layers and we end at the park in her onesie with a hat.

FIVE // Top with a darling bow or maybe some cool kicks for a little man!