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I've been back and forth on switching Emery from her infant car seat to a new convertible one because she seems to be so uncomfortable in hers lately but that one thing I love about it is the ability to be a travel system with our Quinny Zapp Xtra. That being said, I've switch recently to a new Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller so I felt it was the right time to make the full switch, which I'm so happy about! It's amazing the amount of room our new Maxi Cosi Vello 65 offers and then she is loving the comfort she has in her Buzz Xtra stroller when I switch her into that from the car. We went to an event last week for work and she was in her stroller the whole time and for one who fights naps when she isn't home in her crib, she past right out for over an hour in the Buzz Xtra! Shocked mama over here!

Because you all see to love my previous travel system, I wanted to outline the features on the Buzz Xtra so you know why I love it and made the switch.

  • Unfolds with a hydraulic system making it super easy while holding the babe.
  • Canopy is adjustable in height and has an extra extender to cover the sun better- a huge bonus for AZ dwellers and the blazing sun.
  • Flat all-terrain tires that are the smoothest thing ever.
  • Adjustable handle for pushing; I love this because it can be done short for my 5 foot frame.
  • Super comfy cushioned seat. I'm sure this is why Emery passed out sleeping.
  • Still a travel system with the Maxi Cosi Infant Car Seat and the adapters are included!

Knowing I could use the car seat again for this stroller down the line with a new babe makes me super excited as well because I'm a huge fan of the ride with the all-terrain tires. It makes it so smooth and I love the handle because it's perfect for draping my Ju Ju Be diaper bag over. You can shop the Buzz Xtra, here and if you have more specific questions on this baby, please email me!