Motherhood is my Muse

March 2, 2015

I'm trying to get a post up for the day, I'm trying to get the house cleaned from a disastrous weekend and I'm trying to get a baby back on schedule from an off day yesterday. That's a recipe for tears, you guys. I don't know what it is lately but I've been consumed with an overwhelming feeling of all the things I need to accomplish and then I have moments of complete solitude with Emery and it melts.

I've shared before how much I love BLANQI and their product but I even more so love them as people. The owners are nothing but supporters and constantly encourage me in my role as mama. They're people I consider friends after working together throughout the last year and they're people I'd love to wrap my arms around in moments like these where I'm simply overwhelmed. They've put their heart and soul into their product and I really just needed a pick-me-up last week when a sweet package arrived from them reminding me, "MOTHERHOOD IS MY MUSE". Well thanks, Val and Sabina!

Because they're such awesome people and want to spread the love and encouragement to all you beautiful women, I have an exclusive discount code for you! Take a look around at the BLANQI site and my recommendation is don't leave without some postpartum leggings if you're a new mama or the belly support leggings if you're pregnant. Like WOAH, they are the best invention ever.

| D I S C O U N T    C O D E |
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  1. Emery is so stinking cute! I wish I could squeeze her little legs!

  2. oh I love that last shot of you three!

  3. Oh my I agree Emery is so cute! And I love that shirt, thanks for sharing the code with us.

  4. Wow you are gorgeous and your baby is too! Love her little floral playsuit! What a stunning photoshoot - very special! Found your page now while trying to find hair bun tutorials (thanks for that btw!)

    New follower! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog xx

  5. Great pics! She is precious! I have always wanted to try the BLANQI during and after pregnancy. I will definitely need to try it out next go around. Are the leggings tight at the top, around the stomach? I had a c-section in the past and that always feel much better on the incision site.