tunic- Fancy Free | sandals- Marshalls | clutch- Clare Viver | extensions- Laced Hair

The great debate. The hair. Do I leave my extensions in or take them out and embrace my mid-length style? I'm feeling like I'm in this weird rut with it currently because realistically, I get ready about twice a week and actually style my hair because of mom life and working from home so it's really unused being all long and luscious. It's also really hard to keep it maintained and washed with going to the gym a lot more so it's becoming a nuisance. If I take the extensions out, then I'm left with a mid-length that's probably needing a little trim - I'm thinking more blunt - and a thick highlight. Thoughts? Opinions?

Also, this tunic! It's supposed to be a tunic but hello short person problems and it's a dress on me. But one that I'm smitten with! The chiffon trim is just too good and the sheath style is perfect for my adjusting post baby body. Fancy Free nailed it with this one!