leggings- Albion Fit | top- Albion Fit | yoga mat- Target | baby wrap- Solly Baby Wrap | water bottle- BKR | iPhone case- Kate Spade

Monday I wrote about beauty and how I define it in my eyes. I had a great response from that and I want to extend a huge thank you to the women who were moved and commented positively on that post, It seems we need more encouragement and uplifting people to support while in this field and I hope I can be just that for you all. On that same note with defining beauty, I also believe you are able to find things about yourself you're always wanting to improve for your own happiness.

Not long ago, I shared on instagram my hurt after adjusting to my new post baby body and my journey to getting back to being healthy and happy in my own skin. It's been about a month so far and although the progress is slow, there is progress! I've found adding a few new items of workout gear to my closet here and there really keep me motivated to stay at it and it helps to have something stylish and comfy while keeping up with a 9 year old and infant. Right?

Albion Fit and I teamed up today to bring you a giveaway on some stylish new leggings for you too! Not only do they stock some seriously cute workout/yoga attire, they have an adorable line of vintage, luxury swimwear! If only I had the body to rock it.... maybe next summer! ;)

Make sure to stop by my instagram today to enter to win!