It officially happened the day she turned 5 months old and now she doesn't stop. Like rolls after rolls and I find her across the room chillin' with Brutus. So my journey to chasing the baby begins! Haha- I'm so excited for her to have the mobility and she acts so accomplished when she does it but I'm already busting out my Breeze to contain her while getting things done around the house.

The nice thing about the Breeze I'm so looking forward to with the move is it's one simply click and her playard is set up and good to go! I'm starting this week packing the house so I know for sure I'll be using it daily until the move to make sure she's in my sight and safe and comfortable. What's better is we can set it up for her to enjoy at a higher level or use the lower setting if she wants to snooze in it. So yep, It's going to be my bestie along with our mamaRoo over the next couple months, I can promise you that!

Hope you had a great Monday!