Cosmetically Helping Migraines

April 14, 2015

Dealing with migraines isn't something easy and it's been a challenge even more so having a baby because I constantly have to be "on". I've been prescribed medication over the years to help dissipate the pain but it's always the hard stuff that finally works and then I'm left on a high that isn't safe when I'm in mom mode. Since having Emery, I've been really into finding alternative solutions to help the pain so I can maintain life and normality while struggling and I'm excited to have found something that's helped.

When I was trying to get pregnant, I met with my doctor and asked about options that were safe and he mentioned Dysport (or Botox) to help relieve the muscles that were tense throughout my head and face causing the migraines. I was totally turned off by this thinking why in the world would I do that to cosmetically change my look when I didn't have a lot of wrinkles just to get pain relief. Well, when it comes to your sanity and functioning, you give things a try! I had Dysport injected at LaVida MedSpa into some areas on my forehead and face about a month ago now and I'm shocked by the comfort I've gotten from it with minimal migraines.

The way Dysport works is to make the muscles relax where it's injected meaning wrinkles diminish and in this case, the tension I've been getting in my head with my muscles are softened. I haven't been needing to take Vicodin or even Excedrin since getting Dysport done, just a touch of peppermint essential oil on my temples when I get a slight headache and between that combo, I'm golden.

It's really exciting to me I'm not super dependent on hard medications at this time in my life and it's a bonus the small wrinkles I was getting have been replaced with great skin. Nothing unnatural to my appearance came of this choice and at the same time, I'm feeling great!

If you're in Arizona (Chandler, Tempe or Gilbert, ideally) I can't recommend Muschi at LaVida MedSpa enough. Give her a call about your needs whether it's some extra love with lip injections, a facial peel, wrinkles diminished... you name it, she can accomplish a multitude of things!


  1. I am loving the peppermint oil for headaches too! What color lipstick are you wearing? It's perfect. ;)

  2. If you ever want more info on essential oils, let me know! My friend is a doTERRA wellness advocate and she'd be happy to give you information! I love them!!

  3. Okay, so this actually is the best post ever. I've been suffering with migraines since I was 16 years old and actually had to finish high school at home because of the pain. All of my doctors keep recommending Botox and I've always been really hesitant! I might have to re-think...

    Lauren Ashley

  4. I've always heard about botox for migraines, but it's nice to actually hear someone's experience with the treatment! I'm glad you have found relief! I've found when battling migraines and headaches when peppermint oil doesn't work, I can get some relief from Young Living's M-Grain and Deep Relief as well! It may not hurt to keep those on hand just in case!

  5. Have you tried actual medication for migraines (ie: imitrex, relpax, zomig) instead of hard pain narcotics for relief?