When I first started blogging, I "met" Jess who at the time had Lovely Little Things going. Over the past 4 years, she's become an amazing fitness gal who's followed her dreams and set her mind and heart on something and today, I'm so excited to share she's launched her e-book! When she told me about this journey she was embarking on, I knew I had to jump on board not only to support her but to also gain some more control of my life and become healthy. She's poured her heart into this labor of love and it includes so many wonderful tips to coach you along to your fitness goals. You can see what all is included in this book and you can purchase it, here!

Today until April 25th, she's offering $10 off with code "GLISTENGIRLS" and we're beginning her 28 day challenge on May 4th so we can all do it together. I'm pumped to be starting this journey with someone I consider a sweet friend of mine and I definitely encourage you all to get involved too! I don't want to be obnoxious and cliche but I do plan to post my journey because over the last 2 months of getting back into the gym and a healthier lifestyle, I'm excited to see my body jump to the next level with her guidance.