Um, personality much? Seriously. She is becoming quite the diva and is insanely vocal about what she likes and doesn't like. On one hand, it's totally darling hearing her chatter away and on the other, it's total manipulation of her mama and it's terrifying. I'm really trying to stay consistent and begin telling her now that the drama isn't necessary but who am I kidding? She's a daughter of two parents who are very stubborn so we are screwed.

I think it's also time to admit I have an obsession... with blankets. When we packed things up to move I realized I have about 15+ blankets for Emery ranging from plush to receiving to crocheted. Yikes. Talk about a hoarder. That didn't stop me from adding this Saranoni blanket to the collection though mainly because I've heard ridiculous good reviews on them and how soft and luxurious they are but I was able to embroider it! I'm all about creating keepsakes for Emery and Drake as they grow so snagging a Saranoni blanket seemed almost silly not to... ;)

I have to totally agree with the instagram ravers that it's deliciously soft and so cuddly. Emery loves a good blanket to snuggle into and this one is her favorite since getting it in the mail. My suggestion? Get an extra large for a throw on your couch, embroidered ones for your kids and a mini for in the car with your babies. You're welcomed.

blanket- Saranoni | mermaid doll (also seen here)- Cotton Candy Dollies | tank onesie- H&M | shorties- Made by Molly | headband- Cranberries & Capers