I've decided this summer I'm basically dressing Emery in rompers and cute little bloomers because the AZ heat is legit. We've been so lucky to only be in the 90's still which normally end in March so I really should be thankful for the "cool" spring and summer we're having right now. And aren't these hand painted bloomers adorable? House of Mia is rockin' it for their summer line!

Also, she was totally grumpy for these pictures and it took everything in me to get her to smile.... the irony of the Grumpy Bear shirt. I guess I was doomed when I threw it on her that morning. But alas, it's still darling... says every mother of their babies! ;)

bloomers- House of Mia | emery tee- Loved by Hannah and Eli | headband- Elle Bowtique | sequin sneaks- gifted by my mom! | drake tee- Indie Nook