I mentioned back here we switched Emery over to a new convertible car seat after I felt she was becoming a little squished in her infant seat so I wanted to share my top choices with you! We were using the Maxi-Cosi Mico AP infant seat (in Treasured Green) for her which we totally love but her sweet little thighs kept getting more delicious and I felt like it was time to give her a little more wiggle room to spread out when in the car. Ironically, the day we changed her seat, she became a car lover and now passes out every time we're out and about. This didn't happen with her other seat the final few weeks we used it so I'm convinced she was ready for a bit more space.

I knew I wanted to stay with Maxi-Cosi again because the product has amazing quality, safety, comfort and style so it's checked off all the most important things when looking for functionality with a car seat. They recently launched their Pria 85 and although I like it, it seems to be more for the 12mo+ stage because of where the weight starts and stops and knowing my 9 year old is in a booster still and only 48lbs, I knew we'd never need the ability to go up to 85 pounds. We also looked at the Pria 70 which was a top contender but again didn't quite fit the bill because of the size and it seems to be bulky to me. I did love all the color options with this though so if space wasn't an issue, I think we would've selected this one. Our winner was the Vello 65 because it was more narrow, has the ability to remove pads for easy washing, the cup holders are also removable as they simply snap in place and the seat is just seriously cushy. I felt like it would be the best option for her to grow with over time and something we can use until she's out of a car seat.

Like I said, we're loving it so far and I think Emery coulnd't be happier! She's all about it and snuggles right in place and snoozes every time. We hoard pacifiers and Sophie in her cup holders... because a mama needs her survival means if a meltdown were to happen! ;)

EMERY: leggings- Baby Gap | onesie- Baby Gap | headband- Elle Bowtique | links- Target