H A P P Y    F R I D A Y !

Recently, I've been getting questions on my skincare routine and I've been using the same product since February 2014 and I doubt I'll ever switch. I've had unruly, acne prone skin all my life that's combination and I always had a hard time finding something that would combat the oil while also moisturizing the dry spots. The Saturation line by Enza came to the rescue when I was newly pregnant and it was amazing throughout my whole pregnancy and the last 7 months postpartum. I know I've shared it a couple times on the blog already but I wanted to reiterate this product is something I stand behind fully.

I did add in the Tri-Pedtide Cell Activator about 2 months ago which is supposed to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles and it's been so lovely on my skin! In general, I've noticed it being more smooth and my complexion is more clear. Not sure if it's that product alone but whatever it's doing, I like it!

Enza has pulled together my favorites in a bundle so you can save so if you're like me and want to give it a try, you can shop it here. I hope that gives a little insight to my skin and how I maintain it- as for makeup, I don't wear much these days but when I do I use Tarte BB Cream which has also been awesome! I'll list below my makeup favorite to shop easily.