It's the last week of school for Drake so this past weekend we enjoyed it as a little "vacation" before it actually becoming summer vacation. We went to downtown Glendale where Glendale Glitters is held every year at Christmas if you're local and familiar with it. They have the sweetest little shops and it's perfect for a little outing.

Little fun fact, my mom used to own one of those shops when I was in middle school/high school called Lil Miss Sweetpea's. I was called Sweetpea growing up so it was a special thing for her and I to do together for a few years before we closed it. Ideally, it would be so fun if we could open another one now that I'm older but those are big dreams for years down the road.

EMERY // hoodie- Purl Lamb | shorties- Little Peanut Threads | moccs- Gracious May | headband- Gap --- DRAKE // tee- Loved by Hannah and Eli | denim- Old Navy | jordan's- Amazon --- AUBREY // tee- Loved by Hannah and Eli