PROMOTION WEEK // It was promotion week at church for Drake so he went from the 3rd grade class to 4th! That's a huge deal at our church and he was so excited to switch classrooms and enjoy some new friends. CCV also sent the kids home with punching balloons which is equally cool and irritating for us parents who have kids that wouldn't put it down all of Sunday then... sigh.

ALMOST CRAWLER // Emery is soooo close to crawling forward. She has the backwards thing down and loves to sit up on all fours, rocking back and forth. It's such a cute thing to watch her learn but I find it so funny she's not sitting on her own yet but is about to crawl. But whatever, all in your time baby girl!

MAMAROO NAPS // It's rare we utilize this for naps but for some reason, she wasn't having a crib nap yesterday. I needed to shower so I put her in her Roo, threw on Mumford & Sons on Pandora in the bathroom and showered and peeked through the shower curtain at this little angel snoozing. It was darling and she stayed the way all while I blow dried my hair and did my makeup! #momwin

BIRTHDAY // My nephew turned 7 last week so we celebrated his birthday party on Saturday which meant there were toys everywhere. It was the typical eyeing the ground with every step because you didn't want a lego imprinted into your foot.

I also shopped a little for my growing girl and purchased:
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5
and this phone case for myself!

How was your weekend?