Family Pictures

May 21, 2015

This is going to be an emotional one.

These pictures were taken one week before we moved out of our precious first home and recently I've been really missing it. The memories, the stories, the routine, the comfort. Knowing when we would get home, the kids would run into the family room, spew their stuff everywhere and just live. Sharing books and kisses and laughs... I miss it. I miss that home and the way it smelt and the way it eased my stresses the second I walked in. I miss sitting in each of the kids rooms and enjoying them sleeping and knowing the labor of love I spent building those rooms so special for them. I miss our beautifully lit bedroom where Andrew and I shared so many precious moments as husband and wife and as parents, learning about Emery and how to adjust to her. I'm missing the familiar sense of home and what was ours and private to us.

Stacey and I had talked about doing a family session for the first half of 2015 and when we sold the home, we cleared schedules to make it happen one last time in our beloved first home before closing. I can't praise and thank her enough for capturing a moment and season of our life I never want to forget. It's golden to me and I'm thankful to have our love oozing in still form in these photos.

photos- Dream Photography Studio | kids tops- Riley Clay Designs | drake pants- H&M | my top- The Tickled Pink Boutique | my leggings- BLANQI | emery headband- Bloom by Haley Anne


  1. Absolutely precious Aubrey! She did amazing and you all look so happy. I have no doubt that your next home will bring you so many new memories and sweet feelings like this house did for you. Ultimately, you felt that way because of the sweet family you have created was there with you. This new home will be filled with all of that and so much more.

  2. Beautiful family!! I absolutely love the one of your sweet pup licking Emery!! Heart officially melted :) :)
    xx Em
    beauty blether

  3. SO sweet and so special to have these memories captured!

  4. These pictures are gorgeous. This was such a great idea, when we finally finish our remodel maybe I will have to do this too. Ps I love your dog, so cute licking her face.
    xx, Michelle