Oh, my angel girl. It's been a trying month going from six to seven months but the things she's learning as we watch her grow are so worth the sleepless nights and fussy days. We've been dealing with a very teethy baby who is about to pop 4 new ones in on the top which has made her quite the clingy, uncomfortable, miserable little lady. In turn, she hasn't been sleeping through the night anymore but sleeps from 6:30pm until about 2am, takes a bottle and falls back asleep until about 5am. We're tired and it's wearing us down but she's developing so much!

E M E R Y   T H I S   M O N T H
sitting on her own
crawling backwards
loves her toes
has 2 teeth with 4 on the way
is 16lbs 7oz
isn't a fan of headbands
loves sleeping in her car seat
she's a paci queen
wears size 3 in diapers
3-6 months clothes
eats solids every 3 hours when awake & 2oz of formula with it
says "mama" - sooo close to "dada"
looooves brutus and drake
started the "throwing things on the ground for us to pick up" game... sigh
holds her bottle on her own (has for 2 months now- thanks aunt sami!)

We are head over heels with our baby lady and are loving watching her grow into her own little person. She's firey and bold but so sweet and lovable. And the pouty lip she gives other people when she wants mama makes my heart burst.

Happy 7 months, Emery Odessa!