Home Update

May 6, 2015

It's come the time to share some home updates with you and this will be one for the books.... oye. Last we spoke, we had signed a contract on a house with a new development and would start building when our current home was closed on. Well, it came down to the day before closing on our home and things didn't feel right. We've prayed fervently during this process and as things were progressing, God was laying it on our hearts, the home we signed a contract on wasn't the one for us. We decided to back out and Pulte (the developer) was gracious enough to refund our earnest monies so there was no harm done.

We had already moved out of our other home and continued to close on it so we were now living with my in-laws with no plan in sight. We were at a stand still and didn't quite know where to go from there. We prayed more and explored options and we've come to the decision to take things slow and buy land to build our home custom. 

We didn't realize that option was something we could afford but after running numbers and having some connections, we're going to come out spending less and will be able to get all the upgrades and beautiful features we want. Clearly, God was looking out for us knowing we want this next home to be our dream home!

That being said, we're shopping land currently and we're stoked we will have a huge chunk versus a postage stamp we were getting in the development and we're also meeting with our architect to begin designing our home. We have some great thoughts of what we'd like it to look like so we are just so excited to be able to make it 100% us and our style.

When does that put us moving in? We were going to be getting into our other home around August/September and we're going to be around November/December now. Until then, we're still housed with Andrew's parents which has been working out lovely so we have no complaints!

There isn't much to continue updating on until we buy land and begin the building process but until then, you're welcomed to follow along my pinning journey to designing our new home!


  1. So fun to be build custom! My husband builds on the custom\build on your lot\urban side of David Weekley here in Austin. I think it's so much different, more planned and way more quality goes into the custom side. Enjoy ~ also, know it will be a very stressful time (nothing I am sure you haven't been told already!)

  2. Good luck on the building process. We are weeks away from moving into our custom home and I am so happy we went this route instead of buying a house and hope we got all of our must haves out of it.
    The building process is stressful but 100% worth it in the end. Good luck on this new journey!

  3. My parents built custom when I was in high school & it was such a cool experience to go through. We looked at a ton of floor plans, then customized based on our family's needs. There were A LOT of decisions to be made, but 10 years later, it's a home that my mom absolutely adores & wouldn't ever want to move out of.

  4. I cannot wait to follow you on this building journey. Turning a home into your dream home is so fulfulling! & as always, God looks after His children!

  5. We're house hunting too and it's so hard to find exactly what you're looking for!

  6. This is so exciting glad to hear it has turned out even better than you originally imagined!

  7. That is such great news to hear that everything is turning out better than you originally planned! Can't wait to see everything :)