Yesterday was one of those days I had a mile long list of things to do and banking on Emery having a good week thus far, I thought we could totally have a productive Wednesday. She had other plans. It started with a 1:30am wake up call followed but a couple more hours of sleep but then awake for the day at 5:45am. This has become a weird "normal" for her and I'm still adjusting so I had pounded 3 cups of coffee by nap time at 8am so I could get some work tackled while she slept. But she didn't want to sleep without mama. So we snuggled in my bed and she zonked for 3 hours! I was able to sneak away after the first hour which was nice but again, when she woke up, she was all cuddly and whiny.

Fast forward an hour and she began vomiting and blowing out diapers left and right so again, we snuggled and hydrated and laid in mama's bed watching Mickey. Slowly but surely she came around and was a snuggly babe to her blanket instead of me but the whole day made me realize it's not about the amount of things I get done and accomplished in a day- it's about Emery and did she feel loved and secure and comforted that day? If yes, it was a successful day.

poppy blanket- Little Unicorn | top- Kardashian Collection | bloomers- Gap | headband- Target (comes in a 3 pack- we have this one too) diaper- The Honest Company