Oh, my sweet angel girl. I look at these pictures and it blows my mind on how big my BABY is now. She started crawling the day we took these pictures and I've loved watching her adjust to that milestone and enjoy being mobile. It's keeping me on my toes, that's for sure!

You've seen here, we started with a Lily Jade diaper bag back when Emery was a newborn and since adjusting to what I really need when being out with her while also being functional, we've added another Lily jade diaper bag (the Madeline) into the rotation with our beloved Jujube one. I've found it's key for me to have one that can be worn as a backpack and over the shoulder because it's so simple to convert and use based on what we're out doing.

I have to say, when we started leaving her in the church nursery or at the gym child care, I was struggling figuring out how to send necessities with her but also only bringing one bag with me so I have my "purse" items. I wasn't able to do that with my Jujube bag and this Lily Jade bag offers that perfectly with the removable insert. I simply fill it with all Emery's goodies, pull that out when dropping her off and then use the bag for my purse... simple and easy. A mom's favorite method!

And because I can't leave you hanging on crawling goodness, scroll down to see a video of Emery doll getting used to her new, moving hands and feet! It's such sweetness!

top- Nobella Grace | jeans- Paige Denim | extensions- Hidden Crown | diaper bag- Lily Jade | romper- Villa & Londyn | headband- Elle Bowtique