When packing for our move and being without a lot of our belongings for 6+ months, I didn't anticipate all the items I'd miss adding to Emery's baby book that I was making. It's really been bothering me I haven't been able to spend time working on it while she's developing and changing so I recently got hold of a Lucy Darling baby book and I'm so happy to be filling it in now!

There are so many little "firsts" you don't think of when working on a baby book and this one prompts you with all the perfect details. One of my favorite pages included is one that shares what cost was of things when baby was born, who was president...etc. What a fun thing to look back on!

When I did post it on instagram a couple weeks ago, I got so many questions on the pictures I'm using and where I had them printed... they're all from my instagram feed and I used Foxgram to get them done. I chose 3x3 inches with a simple white border and they're working great for my project with this baby book. Some fit in the boxes provided perfectly and others are too small so I recommend jotting down which pictures you may want bigger so when ordering you can specify but I went a little printing crazy and got 200+ at once. I'm thinking I'll do an overflow photo album with those of Emery's first year to gift her when she's a teen.

our first time holding our girl for each of us.... #swoon.