The Greatest Gift

June 17, 2015

Parenthood is something funny isn't it? Some days you're just struggling to soak up each and every precious moment with your littles and other days bedtime can't come soon enough. I think during summer, the struggle of the two is even more predominant and it's a balance of really spending the quality time with your kids as well as finding time for yourself to refresh and regroup so you can be your best self for you kids.

We're on the journey of trusting God with our family again and if He chooses to expand it further, we would be so blessed! It's been such a beautiful experience seeing Drake become Mr. Mom to Emery and to watch her as she's grown so much in her short 8 months already. We pray we can have that experience one more time before closing the "growing family" chapter and it just warms my heart knowing I can watch two babies eventually love on a new sibling of theirs.

It's the greatest gift God can bless one with, parenthood.

romper- American Eagle | jacket- Old Navy
DRAKE: tank- Loved by Hannah and Eli, shorts- Target | jordan's- Amazon
EMERY: romper- Villa & Londyn | headband- Elle Bowtique



  1. I'm not a parent, but I can't wait to be one. I totally agree. Parenting is a gift. And it makes us more like Christ too because we have to deny every selfish want and desire.

    1. You're so right, Danette!
      It's challenging but so rewarding.

  2. Being a parent is great, isn't it?! We have one little boy and I know one day I would love to have another. Also, just wanted to say you have such a confidence about you, Such an inspiration! And I love your style! I feel like I have such a hard time dressing my post baby :( I find so much inspiration in your blog but I wish I had more confidence like you!

    1. Wow, thank you so much!
      I hope I can continue to inspire you, darling.

  3. love the pictures! You look great!

  4. Such a beautiful family, mama!

  5. Being a Mom suits you so well Aubrey! Your love for both Drake and Emery shines in these pictures!


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