We are a water family over here and it's been a blast watching Emery get comfortable in the water this summer. It's now our routine after her afternoon nap to grab some fruit smoothies and enjoy an hour or so in the pool before dinner time. Quite honestly, it helps us get through the dreaded "witching hour" and sets her up for loving the pool even more! 

Being in the pool and Arizona in general, it's so important to keep your kiddos safe and protected from the sun as their skin is so new and precious! I've been trying a few sunscreen products for Emery (Honest, Neutrogena) and I haven't really found one I love until Mustela. The others I felt were going on so thick and pasty which in turns gives them more chance to rub off faster and then she was gaining color even when I reapplied every 30 minutes. Not exactly what I'm going for because I'd like to see zero color at this point on her sweet, fair skin.

The Mustela line I've been using for about a month now really is all around, great! They offer a sunscreen that we apply about 15 minutes before going outside so it can soak into her skin and we reapply while in the sun every 30 minutes. I love how the packaging says it's water resistant for 40 minutes so it gives us mama's a reminder to keep it lathered on our Littles! When we're all done swimming, we add the after sun spray that soothes and moisturizes the skin even more so if there was a little too much sun or just dry skin from being in the water for the day, this is perfect to make it nice and juicy and kissable again! A lot of the time we're swimming, it's with family members or friends and all of them have commented on how delicious this stuff smells!

I wanted to share a couple tips for staying safe in the sun this summer, and year around:

*apply in advance so you have time for it to soak into the skin and reapply the duration of being outside

*we have hoards on hand but make sure you have enough! it's hard to realize how much you'll drink if you're becoming dehydrated so I always say bring double the amount you think you'll drink.

*because babies skin is so fragile, it's important they wear a swim shirt while swimming until 12 months old. the only time emery isn't in one is when we're applying her sunscreen and when she's out of the pool and it's wet so we take it off.

*sunglasses, bonnets, towels, light blankets for draping... you name it! she wasn't a fan of her shades early on but now she wears them every time we're in the pool because I made her get used to them on her face.

*it's so easy for babies or toddlers or even young kids to underestimate the distance from the grass, back door, chair... to the edge of that pool. watch your angels like a hawk around water, friends!

Mustela is offering $5 off a new purchase on their website for my readers from June 22-July 22, 2015! That's a such a blessing for some and I know you will love the product so you can browse around here. Use code "AUBREY5" when checking out!