I am super excited to share what Minted just launched... kid name labels! I sort of jumped out of my seat when I saw these online and knew we needed them for my OCD tendencies as well as for keeping both kids belongings in place if they ever get lost.

With Emery being in the nursery now at church and the gym, it made so much sense to have something on her "daycare" diaper bag that had my phone number so I could be contacted if someone happened to find it. I also have a small tote I throw in my purse for simple errands while she's out with me and I put one on there too. I've already forgotten this once in the Old Navy bathroom after a diaper change so Lord knows I need the help.

They're waterproof, dishwasher safe and non-toxic which makes them a win in my book for functionality! When I went to order, I had such a hard time picking from all the cute designs... seriously love them all. I'll probably end up with a second set for Emery because you know I like to have options.

And we couldn't skip out on the big 4th grader, could we?! What a practical way to keep things in check when you have a kiddo like me who forgets where he puts everything. I can't tell you how many lunch boxes we've gone through and hoodies. Like how does one loose a hoodie? Blows my mind but I sure am happy we have him set for school and all his belongings have his details on them. Thank you, Minted! ;)