We love summer and we love swimming! It's been so fun taking advantage of the pool while living with my in-laws and the kids sure do love it for a little change of scenery in the afternoons. Last week at Emery's 9 month appt, our pedi said if she's swimming and spending time in the water it's time to dunk her and get her even more used to it. My heart freaked out when he said this but we tried it and she loved it! I was told to blow on their face right before dunking so they suck in air then and not if they're shocked under water. It worked just fine and she had a blast!

Since her skin is still so sensitive (talked about it here) I've been looking for adorable swimwear for her that covers her from the sun as much as possible and I was introduced to Ruffle Butts. Adorable swimwear (and other goodies) that scream girly and is even topped with her monogram! So darling. This little number has been our go-to for swim days recently!

Funny story... Drake was suddenly jealous that Emery has "swim shirts" and wasn't in a regular swim suit so he really wanted to get one for himself. I told him if he wanted it, he could use his allowance money so we went shopping and he got one at Old Navy. I told my MIL the first time he swims, I doubt it'll last 5 minutes and I hate to say, I was right! Poor kid hated the clingy material and so over it. At least he learned! ;)

use code "aubrey25" for 25% off at Ruffle Butts until August 9th

swimwear- Ruffle Butts | sunnies- Target | towel- Crystal Faye