I'm not a small person (used to be a 110lbs, size 2) and it's been a difficult journey for me figuring out how to dress my postpartum body as well as the additional weight I gained after I stopped dancing my senior year. You don't necessarily realize the pounds are being put on over time since you see yourself daily and then bam, you see it all at once comparing pictures from 5 years ago to now. Or because the bullies online seem to get a high off of making it known you're "fat"....#byefelicia! I get it though, life happens and that's okay. It's a constant battle for us women to love ourselves and embrace every curve and feature we have.

This summer I've really challenged myself to own the body I currently have and don't let myself hide behind the pants and long sleeve tops and cardigans everyday... it's hard enough in AZ and the 115 degrees so it's dehydration or wearing clothes I don't sweat my ass off in. But honestly, am I happy about my body? No. It's been tough accepting it but I'm still working out and working to become a better me. But in the mean time, I can also learn to be content.

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