I've always been a fan of teeth whitening using different methods over the years starting back in high school and I was becoming super intrigued by options that offer light to enhance and make the process quicker. Smile Sciences reached out to me and I got my hands on their goodies a couple weeks back and within one week - ONE - I already have a night and day difference in the color of my teeth! I want to break down what comes in their kits for you and I have a coupon code (see below!)- yay!

Teeth Trays- These are kind of obvious because you'll need them to apply the solution to make those teeth nice and pearly white.

Tray Formula- The kit comes with a prepackaged amount of formula to apply to your teeth trays over time as you use it. I was a bit hesitant thinking that small thing wasn't going to cut it but I've hardly dented it over the last week. A little goes a long way so be frugal when applying it!

Touch Up Pen- Talk about convenience! This is what I've thrown in my purse for a quick touch up before heading out or for when I don't have a chunk of time to apply the teeth tray formula. The little Q-Tips are great to rub this on even better for you, too.

Light Activator- Now you can absolutely apply the teeth trays or touch up pen formula without the light but it's the reason I was so excited about this method. It simply speeds things up, enhancing your results in half the time. Wedding in a week or a big event you need a boost to your smile? The light is your new bestie.

Shade Guide- Equally exciting and terrifying. It tells you how yellow your teeth start and gives you the ease of watching them change as you commit to this system. Terrifying because you see those coffee, mustard, soda stains all too easily but exciting because progress and HELLO, a brighter smile!

After using this for the past week, it's been so great! I know these types of kits can run up there in cost and today Smile Sciences is offering you guys this package for a discounted rate of $29 (regularly $299). Hot damn! Get it girl. Use code "AUBREYKIT" when ordering to utilize that offer until September 11, 2015!

I've slightly become a pro at teeth whitening too so let me know if you have particular questions- I'd be happy to answer them!